HydroCouple  1.0.0
Description of the HydroCouple Component-Based Model Coupling Interface Definitions
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NHydroCoupleHydroCouple namespace contains the core interface specifications for the HydroCouple component-based modeling framework interface specification
 NSpatialHydroCouple's interfaces that have a spatial component
 CICurveA Curve is a 1-dimensional geometric object usually stored as a sequence of IPoints, with the subtype of ICurve specifying the form of the interpolation between IPoints
 CIEdgeA directed edge from one vertex to another, adjacent to two faces. Based on Dani Lischinski's code from Graphics Gems IV. Original quad-edge data structure due to Guibas and Stolfi (1985). Does not inherit from geometry to reduce size. since each edge has 4 pointers
 CIEnvelopeThe IEnvelope class
 CIGeometryIGeometry is the root class of the geometry hierarchy
 CIGeometryCollectionAn IGeometryCollection is a geometric object that is a collection of some number of IGeometry objects
 CIGeometryComponentDataItemIGeometryComponentItem represents IGeometryCollection IComponentItem. This class must be implemented as an abstract class
 CILineILineString with exactly 2 IPoints
 CILinearRingAn ILinearRing is an ILineString that is both isClosed() and isSimple()
 CILineStringAn ILineString is a Curve with linear interpolation between Points. Each consecutive pair of Points defines a Line segment
 CIMultiCurveAn IMultiCurve is a 1-dimensional IGeometryCollection whose elements are ICurves
 CIMultiLineStringAn IMultiLineString is an IMultiCurve whose elements are ILineStrings
 CIMultiPointAn IMultiPoint is a 0-dimensional IGeometryCollection
 CIMultiPolygonAn IMultiPolygon is an IMultiSurface whose elements are IPolygons
 CIMultiSurfaceA MultiSurface is a 2-dimensional GeometryCollection whose elements are Surfaces, all using coordinates from the same coordinate reference system
 CINetworkThe INetwork class
 CIPointAn IPoint is a 0-dimensional geometric object and represents a single location in coordinate space
 CIPolygonA IPolygon is a planar ISurface defined by 1 exterior boundary and 0 or more interior boundaries
 CIPolyhedralSurfaceAn IPolyhedralSurface is a contiguous collection of polygons, which share common boundary segments
 CIPolyhedralSurfaceComponentDataItemIPolyhedralSurfaceComponentItem represents IPolyhedralSurface IComponentItem
 CIRasterA Raster spatial feature
 CIRasterBandIRasterBand is a single raster band for an IRaster
 CIRasterComponentDataItemAn IRasterComponentDataItem represents an IRaster IComponentItem
 CIRegularGrid2DThe IRegularGrid2D class
 CIRegularGrid2DComponentDataItemAn IRegularGrid2DComponentDataItem represents an IRegularGrid2D IComponentItem
 CIRegularGrid3DThe IRegularGrid3D class
 CIRegularGrid3DComponentDataItemAn IRegularGrid3DComponentItem represents an IRegularGrid3D IComponentItem
 CISpatialReferenceSystemSpatial Reference System
 CISurfaceA ISurface is a 2-dimensional IGeometry object
 CITINAn ITIN is a triangulated irregular network IPolyhedralSurface consisting only of ITriangle patches
 CITINComponentDataItemITINComponentDataItem represents ITIN IComponentDataItem
 CITriangleAn ITriangle is a IPolygon with 3 distinct, non-collinear vertices and no interior boundary
 CIVectorComponentDataItemThe IVectorComponentDataItem class
 CIVertexIPoint of a topologically aware IGeometry
 NSpatioTemporalHydroCouple's interfaces that have both spatial and temporal components
 CITimeGeometryComponentDataItemITimeGeometryComponentItem represents an IComponentItem with both temporal and geometric components
 CITimePolyhedralSurfaceComponentDataItemThe ITimePolyhedralSurfaceComponentItem class
 CITimeRasterComponentDataItemThe ITimeRasterComponentDataItem class
 CITimeRegularGrid2DComponentDataItemThe ITimeRegularGrid2DComponentItem class
 CITimeRegularGrid3DComponentDataItemThe ITimeRegularGrid3DComponentItem class
 CITimeTINComponentDataItemThe ITINComponentItem class
 CITimeVectorComponentDataItemThe ITimeVectorComponentDataItem class
 NTemporalHydroCouple's interfaces that have a time varying component
 CIDateTimeIDateTime interface based on a Modified Julian Date5 (number and fraction of days since 00:00 November 17, 1858)
 CITimeComponentDataItemITimeComponentItem is an IComponentItem with a temporal attribute. This class cannot be directly instantiated and must be implemented as an abstract class that can be inherited by its specializations e.g., ITimeSeriesComponentDataItem, ITimeSeriesArgument, ITimeIdBasedComponentDataItem, ITimeIdBasedExchangeItem, ITimeIdBasedArgument, or other geotemporal datasets
 CITimeIdBasedComponentDataItemThe ITimeIdBasedComponentDataItem class
 CITimeModelComponentThe ITimeModelComponent class
 CITimeSeriesComponentDataItemThe ITimeSeriesComponentDataItem class
 CITimeSpanITimeSpan specifies a time duration
 CIAdaptedOutputAn IAdaptedOutput adds one or more data operations on top of an IOutput
 CIAdaptedOutputFactoryIAdaptedOutputFactory is used to create instances of IAdaptedProducerExchangeItems
 CIAdaptedOutputFactoryComponentIAdaptedOutputFactoryComponent is an IAdaptedOutputFactory generated from an IAdaptedOutputFactoryComponentInfo
 CIAdaptedOutputFactoryComponentInfoIAdaptedOutputFactoryComponentInfo interface class provides information about an IAdaptedOutputFactoryComponent
 CIArgumentIArgument interface class used to set the arguments for components. They can be complex or simple multi-dimensional datasets
 CICloneableModelComponentThe ICloneableModelComponent class
 CIComponentDataItemIComponentItem is a fundamental unit of data for a component
 CIComponentInfoIComponentInfo interface class provides detailed metadata about a component
 CIComponentStatusChangeEventArgsThe IComponentStatusChangeEventArgs contains the information that will be passed when the IModelComponent fires the IModelComponent::statusChanged signal
 CIDescriptionIDescription interface class provides descriptive information on a HydroCouple object
 CIDimensionIDimension provides the properties of the dimensions of a vairable
 CIExchangeItemIExchangeItem the base data item the can be exchanged between components at runtime
 CIExchangeItemChangeEventArgsThe IExchangeItemChangeEventArgs contains the information that will be passed when the IComponentItem fires the componentItemChanged signal
 CIIdBasedComponentDataItemThe IIdBasedComponentItem class is an idbased IComponentItem
 CIIdentityIIdentity interface class defines a method to get the Id of an HydroCouple entity
 CIInputAn IInput item that can accept values for an IModelComponent
 CIModelComponentIModelComponent interface is the core interface in the HydroCouple standard defining a model component
 CIModelComponentInfoIModelComponentInfo interface inherits from the IComponentInfo interface which provides detailed metadata about an IModelComponent. Additionally, it creates new instances of a component
 CIMultiInputIInput class that has multiple outputs supplying data to it
 CIOutputAn output exchange item that can deliver values from an IModelComponent
 CIPropertyChangedIPropertyChanged interface is used to emit signal/event when a property of an object changes
 CIQualityQualitative data described items in terms of some quality or categorization that may be 'informal' or may use relatively ill-defined characteristics such as warmth and flavour. However, qualitative data can include well-defined aspects such as gender, nationality or commodity type
 CIQuantityIQuantity specifies values as an amount of some unit, usually as a floating point number
 CIUnitIUnit interface, describing the physical unit of a IQuantity
 CIUnitDimensionsDefines the order of dimension in each FundamentalDimension for a unit
 CIValueDefinitionIValueDefinition describes a value returned by the getValues() function of IValueSet
 CIWorkflowComponentThe IDataExchangeWorkflowComponent class
 CIWorkflowComponentInfoThe IDataExchangeWorkflowComponentInfo class