HydroCouple  1.0.0
Description of the HydroCouple Component-Based Model Coupling Interface Definitions
hydrocouple.h File Reference
#include <QtCore/qglobal.h>
#include <QVariant>
#include <QSharedPointer>
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class  HydroCouple::IPropertyChanged
 IPropertyChanged interface is used to emit signal/event when a property of an object changes. More...
class  HydroCouple::IDescription
 IDescription interface class provides descriptive information on a HydroCouple object. More...
class  HydroCouple::IIdentity
 IIdentity interface class defines a method to get the Id of an HydroCouple entity. More...
class  HydroCouple::IComponentInfo
 IComponentInfo interface class provides detailed metadata about a component. More...
class  HydroCouple::IModelComponentInfo
 IModelComponentInfo interface inherits from the IComponentInfo interface which provides detailed metadata about an IModelComponent. Additionally, it creates new instances of a component. More...
class  HydroCouple::IModelComponent
 IModelComponent interface is the core interface in the HydroCouple standard defining a model component. More...
class  HydroCouple::IComponentStatusChangeEventArgs
 The IComponentStatusChangeEventArgs contains the information that will be passed when the IModelComponent fires the IModelComponent::statusChanged signal. More...
class  HydroCouple::ICloneableModelComponent
 The ICloneableModelComponent class. More...
class  HydroCouple::IValueDefinition
 IValueDefinition describes a value returned by the getValues() function of IValueSet. More...
class  HydroCouple::IDimension
 IDimension provides the properties of the dimensions of a vairable. More...
class  HydroCouple::IQuality
 Qualitative data described items in terms of some quality or categorization that may be 'informal' or may use relatively ill-defined characteristics such as warmth and flavour. However, qualitative data can include well-defined aspects such as gender, nationality or commodity type. More...
class  HydroCouple::IUnitDimensions
 Defines the order of dimension in each FundamentalDimension for a unit. More...
class  HydroCouple::IUnit
 IUnit interface, describing the physical unit of a IQuantity. More...
class  HydroCouple::IQuantity
 IQuantity specifies values as an amount of some unit, usually as a floating point number. More...
class  HydroCouple::IComponentDataItem
 IComponentItem is a fundamental unit of data for a component. More...
class  HydroCouple::IArgument
 IArgument interface class used to set the arguments for components. They can be complex or simple multi-dimensional datasets. More...
class  HydroCouple::IExchangeItemChangeEventArgs
 The IExchangeItemChangeEventArgs contains the information that will be passed when the IComponentItem fires the componentItemChanged signal. More...
class  HydroCouple::IExchangeItem
 IExchangeItem the base data item the can be exchanged between components at runtime. More...
class  HydroCouple::IOutput
 An output exchange item that can deliver values from an IModelComponent. More...
class  HydroCouple::IAdaptedOutput
 An IAdaptedOutput adds one or more data operations on top of an IOutput. More...
class  HydroCouple::IAdaptedOutputFactory
 IAdaptedOutputFactory is used to create instances of IAdaptedProducerExchangeItems. More...
class  HydroCouple::IAdaptedOutputFactoryComponentInfo
 IAdaptedOutputFactoryComponentInfo interface class provides information about an IAdaptedOutputFactoryComponent. More...
class  HydroCouple::IAdaptedOutputFactoryComponent
 IAdaptedOutputFactoryComponent is an IAdaptedOutputFactory generated from an IAdaptedOutputFactoryComponentInfo. More...
class  HydroCouple::IInput
 An IInput item that can accept values for an IModelComponent. More...
class  HydroCouple::IMultiInput
 The IMultiInput class is an IInput class that has multiple outputs supplying data to it. More...
class  HydroCouple::IIdBasedComponentDataItem
 The IIdBasedComponentItem class is an idbased IComponentItem. More...
class  HydroCouple::IWorkflowComponentInfo
 The IDataExchangeWorkflowComponentInfo class. More...
class  HydroCouple::IWorkflowComponent
 The IDataExchangeWorkflowComponent class. More...


 HydroCouple namespace contains the core interface specifications for the HydroCouple component-based modeling framework interface specification.




enum  ByteOrder {
  BigEndian = 0,
  LittleEndian = 1
 The ByteOrder enum of serialized data. More...
enum  HydroCouple::FundamentalUnitDimension {
 HydroCouple::FundamentalUnitDimension are the fundamental units that can be combined to form all types of units. More...

Detailed Description

Caleb Amoa Buahin caleb.nosp@m..bua.nosp@m.hin@g.nosp@m.mail.nosp@m..com
This header file contains the core interface definitions for the HydroCouple component-based modeling definitions.
This file and its associated files, and libraries are free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Lesser GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This file and its associated files is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.(see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/ for details)

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enum ByteOrder

The ByteOrder enum of serialized data.